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b over
After a long and refreshing break, I'm back in the business.

Primary interests are System Administration, Binary Analysis and UNIX forensics (and anti-forensics).
My instinct tells me it will be a rewarding journey.

Raids of bots had infested the place with picachu porn, so I deleted all the comments.
I added a math "captcha" which hopefully will serve its purpose.

A friend on the definition of 'hacker':
"Hacker is the one who sees doors where others see walls."

Some links:
Why Cryptography Is Harder Than It Looks
Theo interview
History's Worst Software Bugs
Kissed a girl? (hilarious)
djb vs Theo (more hilarity)
Write in C song
Famous geeks
Advocating Linux
Dan Kaminsky and his niece on DNS o_O
Posted on 20 Aug 2008 by gorlist

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