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Creative Resume
While navigating through my files, I found this:
Possibly my favorite resume of all time
[He has to fix the ability modifiers though..]

Some creative resumes:
30 Artistic and Creative Resumes

If you're an artist, make sure you have a resume like that!

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

-- Pablo Picasso

Posted on 07 Oct 2009 by gorlist

Clifford Stoll
Quotes from his extraordinary presentation:
The first time you do something, it's science.
The second time, it's engineering.
A third time, it's just being a technician.
I'm a scientist, once I do something I do something else.

If you really want to know what the future's going to be, don't ask a technologist, a scientist, a physicist. Don't ask someone who's writing code. If you want to know what society is going to be like in 20 years, ask a kindergarten teacher. They know. In fact don't ask any kindergarten teacher, ask an experienced one. They're the ones that know what society is going to be like in another generation.
Posted on 22 Jun 2009 by gorlist

Presentation advice
Some people need to watch this:
Strom Carlson - The Talk Talk
+ select better looking fonts for their slides
+ talk louder!
+ be more enthusiastic! [watch Clifford Stoll]
Posted on 22 Jun 2009 by gorlist

ithilgore once sent me the following essay:
Doubt (in Greek) by Nick Demou

Doubt is the primary characteristic of the researcher.

By questioning the consistency of the fundamentals, someone could possibly discover design flaws. Exploitation of those flaws affects all the higher level applications that depend on them.
Therefore, knowledge of the internals of a system is a very challenging but rewarding thing to pursue.

Goedel's Theorem has been used to argue that a computer can never be as smart as a human being because the extent of its knowledge is limited by a fixed set of axioms, whereas people can discover unexpected truths... It plays a part in modern linguistic theories, which emphasize the power of language to come up with new ways to express ideas. And it has been taken to imply that you'll never entirely understand yourself, since your mind, like any other closed system, can only be sure of what it knows about itself by relying on what it knows about itself.
Posted on 18 Jun 2009 by gorlist

Phrack #66
So it looks like hard work and dedication (and hacking rampage) pays off in the end.
Phrack #66 is out and ithilgore is a Phrack author now.
Exploiting TCP and the Persist Timer Infiniteness
Impressive. Mo^H^H

Congratulations ithilgore, you definitely deserve it. I'll buy you a cup of green tea!

Congratulations also to huku and argp for their articles (3 Greek guys on #66!).

An excerpt I liked from #66:
Seeing yourself as the world's victim is profoundly disempowering and keeps you locked in a cycle of self-created pain and misery.
We break free from this cycle by making a conscious decision to accept complete responsibility for our own reality.
Posted on 18 Jun 2009 by gorlist

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